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The owners and editors of Cornwall Artisans have been involved with art and craft shows in Cornwall for many years. Over that time they discovered that there is a wide variety of artwork and craft work being produced in this region by numerous talented artisans. Unfortunately they are also aware that there are some people claiming to have made work in Cornwall but who in fact buy it in from other countries.

Cornwall Artisans was set up to showcase just how many good products there are which have been made in Cornwall. Although it is impossible to ensure that every single artist or craft person listed does actually make the items in Cornwall our editors have taken great care to try and ensure that this is the case. If they even just suspect that the work has been bought in the artisan in question is refused a listing in the directory.

We hope we have created a useful Cornish art and craft directory that allows people to discover artists and crafts people who they perhaps wouldn’t normally come across. Each artisan also lists whether they have a studio and so visitors to the region should be able to use the directory to help plan visits or tours of artisan’s studios. Additionally we have provided a directory of some of the art and craft shows going on in the region, which we hope is helpful to artists, crafts people and visitors alike.

Whilst helping to promote Cornish artisans to visitors to the region the directory also gives them the opportunity to advertise themselves and their work to people from all around the world. If you are an artisan creating Cornish made products and would like to be listed please navigate to the most appropriate category and click ‘submit Listing’.

If you are running an art or craft show in Cornwall consisting of traders exhibiting and selling Cornish made products please consider submitting it to the directory for free in the art & craft shows category.

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